Reinforcing A Poured Foundation Wall With PowerBraces - Tilson, NY

This homeowner contacted Basement Systems Of New York because his foundation wall was bowing. The reason this occurred was that little to their knowledge when, they originally purchased the home over thirty years ago, they did not know that the addition that the previous homeowner put on wasn't properly; supported and tied into the wall. Also, when their siding was installed water was allowed to run behind it and hit the foundation wall.


Upon our Specialist inspecting and taking their measurements, he noticed that the wall had deflected inward approximately three inches. Because of the amount of deflection due to both soil and water erosion, this home's foundation wall was severely compromised and had to repair before things became worse. 


To take care of the issue, we started by jackhammering six inches from the foundation wall to create a trench. Once we had removed the old concrete, we installed four PowerBraces with an eight-foot brace strategically spaced with our top-lever bracket. We then built a form around the trench we had created with two-by-fours. Once completed, we pour our concrete footing/curb around our PowerBraces. In doing so, we were able to provide much more stability and rigidity to the wall. 


Since reinforcing their foundation, this homeowner has been able to sleep easy at night knowing that their home is not going to fall over. Also that, they now have some more storage space due to how their new footing/curb sits. They could not be any happier with how their project turned out. They are so glad that they decided to invest in the security of their home.  


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