What is Concrete Lifting

What is Concrete Lifting - Image 1Concrete lifting, commonly called mud jacking or slab jacking, this involves drilling a series of large holes through a concrete slab and pump cement or mud slurry beneath the slab. This will fill voids build pressure in an attempt to lift the slab. The process is usually very messy and it is very common for the high pressure grout slurry to leak out of holes and cracks in the slab, making a huge mess that is almost impossible to clean up. Once the clean up is complete you have to go back and patch all the large holes you drilled in the slab, here again it is almost impossible to patch the holes so they blend in with the existing slab. This doesn’t sound like something you would want done at your home. Well, you’re in luck.

There is new technology available it’s called PolyLEVEL. This process is done by drilling small holes through a concrete slab, then inject a expandable polyurethane grout to fill voids and raise the slab back to original grade and alignment with surrounding surfaces. Best of all the clean up is in minutes not hours . Call Basement Systems of New York about your next PolyLEVEL job. Call 1-800-719-9240 or get a free quote at Basement Systems of NY.

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