Waterproofing A Super Wet Basement With WaterGuard - Middletown, NY

These homeowners contacted Basement Systems Of New York to see how we could help their home, which was built in 1956. Because of where they are located, the pitch of their land, and all the rain that we have seen this year, their basement has been taking on water through cracks in their poured concrete foundation, as well as the wall-floor joint. 


To fix the problems in their home we installed three of our patented waterproofing products. We started by creating our trench around the perimeter of their basement before installing any of our products. After digging our trench we laid perforated pipe with gravel. We then proceeded to encapsulate the walls of the basement with CleanSpace. In doing so, we can ensure that no moisture or water will penetrate the basement again. Finally, we installed our WaterGuard waterproofing system and connected it to our TripleSafe sump pump before applying concrete.


Two days after installing their system, they were able to test their new system thanks to a major rainstorm that moved in. Throughout the storm, it was made clear to them that their home was bone dry and there was not any excess moisture or humidity. Because of how well their system performed, they could not be any happier with making the decision to invest in their home and improve their overall comfort level.



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