Calling A Last Minute Audible To Install A New Concrete Slab - Liberty, NY

These homeowners contacted Basement Systems Of New York to see how we could not only keep water out of their garage, which they used for storage but as well to rectify their concrete floor, which had sunken and cracked. Because of our expertise with concrete leveling and repair, they knew that we were the company to complete their project.


Because of the severity of their slab, our original approach of lifting, leveling, and stabilizing it did not make sense due to how foregone their slab was. Because of how damaged it was, we transitioned away from drilling our pilot holes to fill the voids below the slab with PolyLevel to ripping out and replacing their old slab, as well as installing our patented TrenchDrain.


To do so, we first had to jackhammer the entirety of the slab to break it up and then move it by hand from the garage to our dump truck. We then made sure that everything was level. Finally, we laid our gravel and installed rebar to give the slab rigidity and to ensure that it could support the weight of personal items. Once done, we created our trench in front of the garage to make way for our TrehchDrain. This system will stop any water from penetrating their garage. It'll do this by collecting it right before it enters and will discharge it away from their home. After completing these tasks, we moved on to pouring the concrete for our new slab and filled in the trench we had created. Finally, before cleaning up we applied our hand finish.



Overall these homeowners were ecstatic with how their project turned out. Not only because of the quality of workmanship but also because of the professionalism and trustworthiness of our team. If they had to do it all over again, they would rehire Basement Systems Of New York to complete their project.

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