Applying Our WaterGuard New Slab System With Foundation Supports - Pine Bush, NY

This homeowner had recently just purchased their new home. They decided to call Basement Systems Of New York because they were experiencing structural issues along the back wall of their home, a sagging main girder as well water penetrating their home.


To fix the structural issues on the back wall of their home, we installed PowerBraces. PowerBraces use the weight of the floor joists and the home to counter pressure the earth pushing in on the walls and restore structural integrity.


Then we removed their old screw jacks. Screw jacks are not up to building code. Screw jacks are not ideal because they are temporary, not permanent supports. To properly support this home and ensure that their main girder was not sagging, we replaced their old screw jacks with SmartJacks. Their home is now structurally reinforced, and their home is sound.



We then installed CleanSpace on the walls. This 20 mil thick vapor barrier will catch any water that enters the home. Once the water we catch the water it is directed to our WaterGuard New Slab system and directed out of the home via our sump pump.


Since completing their project they have noticed a tremendous difference in the overall health of their home. More importantly, than anything peace of mind was restored to them. Because of this, they are grateful that they decide to invest in their home and not let a smaller problem become a bigger one.  

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