Tom Shares His Thoughts On Our Handling of His Challenging Project - Newburgh, NY

This homeowner contacted us because they believed their footing drains had been washed away and their foundation was dipping. they believed this because they were experiencing all the tell-tale signs of a sinking foundation.

Upon our Specialist inspecting the home he noticed that all these things were happening because the foundation was sinking. Once we determined this we could determine that the soil conditions around the home were horrible and that we needed to install our Stabillok push pier system to fix this. When we performed our exterior dig up we also saw that the foundation wall was extremely compromised due to not having a parge coating or waterproofing coating of any type. Because of this, we could not install our push piers underneath the wall and properly support the home because putting that pressure on top of the block would have led to more problems.

As a result, we regrouped and worked with our team of engineers and Stabillok headquarters to design a new solution to save this home. The solution that we came up with is unique and specific to this home. To properly support and stabilize this home, we installed triple 2x8's every thirty-two inches on center. Once done, we installed a six-inch I-Beam underneath them. What this is going to do is take the weight of our push piers and give us something solid to drive off. By doing this we have a situation where the wall and its unstable soil are no longer a factor.

By doing this the home will sit on our piers, our piers will be sitting in stable soil, and now their home is no longer in danger of sinking and falling over. By completing this project, we saved this home and turned a depreciating asset into an appreciating asset that these homeowners now feel safe living in.


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