Installing CleanSpace In a Crawl Space With Closed-Cell Spray foam and SmartJacks - Neversink, NY

These homeowners contacted Basement Systems of New York to see what could be done about the issues they were having with excessive moisture throughout the entirety of their crawl space and home, an excessive amount of heat loss, and a small foundation issue. With all these problems coupled together, their home was inefficient as well as cold. 

In order for us to take care of the issues at hand for these homeowners, we installed several of our patented products, more specifically our CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation material with drain matting, 3" of R-21 Closed-cell spray foam on the exterior of the crawl space walls and box beam, and finally two SmartJack foundation stabilizers across the main girder. 

Since completing this project these homeowners have noticed several things that have drastically changed such as the humidity level of their crawl space and home has dropped drastically, their HVAC system has not been having to work as hard as before and their home has been so much more comfortable, and that their home is now once again structurally sound with no more bouncing floors. 








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