Crawl Space Repair Photo Album: Crawlspace Greenwood Lake, NY

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We received a phone call from a concerned home owner looking to resolve an issue with what he called "A Nightmare of a Crawlspace." The homeowner was concerned because the crawlspace was wet and moldy giving off moldy odors into his house. The homeowner was also concerned about what this crawlspace was doing to the energy efficencicy of his home. the homeowner knew that the moldy crawlspace created a unhealthy living environment in his home. After our salesman searched the crawlspace he diagnosed the problem and told our crew how to fix the situation. our certified professionals replaced all his moldy fiberglass with spray foam insulation and sealed his crawlspace with our 25 year warrantied CleanSpace crawlspace liner.

The homeowner is very pleased and now has a mold free, energy efficent, healthy storage area instead of a crawlspace nightmare.


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