Basement Waterproofing - Waterproofing a Finished Basement With Our Patented FlowGuard System And a Gravity Discharge - Goshen, NY

This homeowner had contacted us about two and half years ago saying they thought they had a leak in their basement. Our Specialist then went out and evaluated their home, upon his evaluation he was able to confirm their thoughts about a plumbing leak, he as well mentioned to them that there were a couple of signs that concerned him about their being potentially a bigger water problem in the future. Two years later our Specialist received a call again from the homeowner that their basement was taking on an extreme amount of water due to the issues that our Specialist had pointed out during his previous evaluation. He was able to figure out that they had a lot of hydrostatic pressure pushing water up into their basement.

For us to fix the problem at hand for this homeowner to ensure that their home stays dry regardless of the season, as well as the amount of rain or snow they get we installed one of patented waterproofing systems, which is comprised of 160 feet of FlowGuard, an under slab system with a lateral that spaned from the back part of their basement to our sump basin. Finally to make sure that all water caught by our waterproofing system would be directed out of the home we installed a SuperSump basin with approximately 220 feet of gravity discharged, which would run in front of their home to the front right-hand corner of the property where it would discharge into their pond.

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