Basement Waterproofing - Waterproofing A Garage With WaterGuard Waterproofing System And TripleSafe Sump Pump - New City, NY

These homeowners contacted Basement Systems Of New York to see how we could help rid their homes of water. Over the last twenty-two years, the homeowners never had a water issue, that is until hurricane Ida. Since Ida, they have constantly had water coming in through their concrete foundation. After trying to fix the problem themselves water continued to penetrate their home and they knew that they needed professional help.


Originally, they thought that water was coming in from their bedroom. Because of the issues, they described to our Specialist during their consultation, he could pinpoint where water was penetrating the home from. Specifically, the area where they were having an issue with water penetrating their home was in their garage. In turn, this was keeping their home wet.


To make sure that water cannot penetrate their home again, our team installed our patented WaterGuard waterproofing system along the right side of their garage, which we tied directly into our TripleSafe sump pump system. By installing these systems, we are able to capture any water that comes into their home and divert it to our out of and away from their home. By installing these systems, we are able to keep moisture, humidity, and dampness out of their home.


Since installing our system, these homeowners have noticed a dramatic increase in their comfort level due to the removal of excess dampness and moisture from their homes. These homeowners now have a home that is protected. More importantly, than anything, we have restored peace to these homeowners. They can now sleep peacefully at night without worrying about their home. 

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