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Waterproofing A Home With A Step Footing With FlowGuard - Sparrow Bush, NY

These homeowners just purchased this second home several months ago. After living in their new home for a short period they realized that they had a water and humidity issue. More specifically, water was coming in at the wall-floor joints and a couple of cracks on the floor as well. Because of the water intrusion, they decided to contact Basement Systems of New York to see how we could help their home. This project in itself was unique because of the fact that their home has a step footing versus a traditional footing. 


To take care of the water issue at hand we dug around the perimeter of their basement, as well through the center of it to create our trench as well as laterals. Once done we installed our FlowGuard waterproofing system and tied it into our TripleSafe sump pump. Before applying concrete on top of our system, we applied both the drain mat and CleanSpace to the walls. Finally, before turning the basement back over to the homeowners, we installed our SaniDry XP dehumidification system to keep the areas free of any excess moisture or humidity.


Since installing our patented products their basement has been dry, as well the environment both downstairs and upstairs has completely changed for the better. They now have a fully functional home that they do not have to worry about every single night when they go to bed. 

Getting A Home Ready For The Market - Port Jervis, NY

These homeowners contacted Basement Systems of New York to see what could be done to take care of their basement to get it in tip-top shape before selling it. They knew with it having an old dirt floor that would get water consistently they would either need to take care of the issue before selling their home to create a value proposition for the buyer or take a large sum of money off. Because of this, they decided to be proactive and take care of the issues before selling their home. In doing so they can now guarantee to get the most return on their investment possible.

For us to take care of their water, foundation, and floor problems, we dug their floor four inches down, we then installed eight precast footings, all of which our SmartJack systems would sit on top of. Once this was completed we started to install our patented FlowGuard waterproofing system along the perimeter of the basement, which was then tied into our SuperSump plus. Finally, before laying our new concrete slab we installed our CleanSpace vapor barrier on their walls.

By installing our patented systems we able to address the major concerns that the current homeowner had for himself and his family while they continued to live in the home, but more importantly to them they were able to address obvious issues that they knew would stop them from being able to sell their home in the foreseeable future.





Waterproofing A Home With A Concrete Block Foundation Before The Homeowners Finished Their Basement - Pine Island, NY

These homeowners contacted Basement Systems of New York to see how we could remedy the water problem that they have been dealing with for several years. Because of how wet 2021, they continued receiving water in their basement in the obvious spots that they always saw. They also saw their basement take on water on their back wall, something that they had never seen till now. Once this new water problem emerged, they said enough is enough and decided to take care of the issue at hand. 

To take care of the water issue plaguing this basement, we started by creating a trench around the entire perimeter of their basement with two laterals along the front and back of the basement to mitigate hydrostatic pressure. Once everything was dug out we started to lay our perforated pipe and cover it with gravel through the entirety of our trench and laterals. This piping will eventually tie into our sump pump and direct any water caught by our system out of the home.

Next, we drilled our weep holes on the bottom of their block foundation. These weep holes allow us to redirect water that is entering their home to our waterproofing system. After drilling our weep holes throughout the perimeter of their foundation, we installed our DryTrak and FlowGuard waterproofing system before applying concrete to the trench we created and returning the basement to its former glory before we started their project.

Since completing this project, these homeowners have not seen any water in their basement, as well they were able to finish their basement. More importantly, than anything to the peace of mind had been restored to them. Give us a call at 1-844-847-4769, or visit us at to schedule your no-obligation consultation with one of our expert Specialists today!

Improving Curb Appeal - Florida, NY

These homeowners wanted to improve the quality of their backyard. Because of the many projects that we had completed for other clients we were contacted to help improve the curb appeal of their backyard.

Waterproofing a Finished Basement With Our Patented FlowGuard System And a Gravity Discharge - Goshen, NY

This homeowner had contacted us about two and half years ago saying they thought they had a leak in their basement. Our Specialist then went out and evaluated their home, upon his evaluation he was able to confirm their thoughts about a plumbing leak, he as well mentioned to them that there were a couple of signs that concerned him about their being potentially a bigger water problem in the future. Two years later our Specialist received a call again from the homeowner that their basement was taking on an extreme amount of water due to the issues that our Specialist had pointed out during his previous evaluation. He was able to figure out that they had a lot of hydrostatic pressure pushing water up into their basement.

For us to fix the problem at hand for this homeowner to ensure that their home stays dry regardless of the season, as well as the amount of rain or snow they get we installed one of our patented waterproofing systems, which is comprised of 160 feet of FlowGuard, an under slab system with a lateral that spaned from the back part of their basement to our sump basin. Finally to make sure that all water caught by our waterproofing system would be directed out of the home we installed a SuperSump basin with approximately 220 feet of gravity discharged, which would run in front of their home to the front right-hand corner of the property where it would discharge into their pond. 


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