Finishing Up Waterproofing The Crawl Spaces At Olde Post Mall Apartment Complex - Fishkill, NY

About four years ago the Old Post Mall apartment complex in Fishkill, New York, contacted us to solve a water problem that no one else could solve. That was until they reached out to us. When we evaluated the complex, we knew we could solve their problems. This, meant that their crawl spaces stayed dry.


When we started waterproofing the first four buildings' they wanted to know that we would do the quality of work that we promised. More importantly, they wanted to make sure that we would be able to solve their problems. As always, we do as we say we are going to do. Because of this next year, we were awarded another contract with them that consisted of three more buildings. The year after that we were awarded three more buildings. Finally, in 2022, we were awarded the last four buildings.


For these projects, we are not traditionally remedying the issue. Typically we jackhammer around the perimeter of the crawl space or basement, install perforated pipe and attach it to a sump pump and apply concrete back over to finish the area. For this project, we are not going to go deeper. We are going to do the opposite and bring in on average six inches of gravel, install our pipe underneath that gravel, then apply our CleanSpace vapor barrier and pour a new concrete slab, which will encompass our waterproofing system along with our TripleSafe sump pumps that will all have custom discharge lines which will run all water out to one central location, this will allow the water to run away from each building.



They knew they made the right choice in contacting us to complete this extensive project based on our quality of work and professionalism during the first few buildings we completed for them. The biggest reason they knew that we were the right choice was that their tenants continuously let the management group know that their homes felt so much more comfortable, as well as some health issues that they had subsided due to our work. They could not be happier with how their projects turned out. They knew they chose the right company to invest in and help their complex.

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