Comprehensive Solutions for Basement Water Issues and Structural Problems: Restoring Peace of Mind - Tyler Hill, PA

This homeowner contacted us due to water issues in their basement and structural problems in both the basement and crawl space. To address these concerns, we implemented a comprehensive solution:

  1. Water Intrusion: We tackled water intrusion caused by hydrostatic pressure by installing our FlowGuard waterproofing system along the basement's perimeter. This system was seamlessly connected to our lateral system, reducing the water's path to our SuperSump equipped with laterals.

  3. Crawl Space Division: To prevent mud, sand, dirt, and debris from interfering with the waterproofing system, we injected our PolyLevel product behind the wall separating the crawl space and basement. This critical step ensured the proper functioning of the waterproofing system.

  5. Structural Restoration: To rectify structural issues, we temporarily supported the house and replaced improperly installed screw jacks. We installed a new main girder and strengthened the deteriorating floor joists. The installation of our SmartJack system further enhanced the home's structural integrity, as it was positioned with precise spacing.

  7. Crawl Space Enhancement: As a final touch, we enhanced the crawl space by applying a drain mat and CleanSpace. Despite the already dry nature of the crawl space with no water issues, this encapsulation system ensures dust-free and properly conditioned crawl space and subsequently improved air quality throughout the home.

The homeowners expressed their utmost satisfaction with the project's results. They are particularly relieved that their peace of mind has been restored and are pleased with their decision to invest in the long-term well-being of their home

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