Foundation Rescue Waterproofing and Reinforcement Success for Homeowners - Warwick, NY

We were recommended to these homeowners by a contractor who identified a significant issue with their Monolithic foundation leading to water seepage. The seepage resulted in standing water during heavy rainstorms and spring melts, prompting the homeowners to address the problem before refinishing their basement.


The challenge was not only water penetration but also a bowing right wall due to the water-related pressure from the earth. Despite having received three other proposals, the homeowners chose us over a company that misunderstood the comprehensive scope of the necessary work. To tackle the water penetration, our first step involved creating a trench for a perforated pipe. Subsequently, we dug a basin for our SuperSump Plus, equipped with a 1/3 horsepower Zoeller pump. Grinding the walls allowed us to install CarbonArmor foundation reinforcement strips. We then set up piping in the trench, connecting it to the sump pump, reconcreted over it, and applied our DryTrak waterproofing system to the wall-floor joint.


The result? All the issues affecting their home have been successfully resolved. Thanks to our systems, the homeowners can now proceed with finishing their basement, providing them with both functional space and peace of mind.

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