Installing CleanSpace & FlowGuard for a meat locker - Hurleyville, NY

We were contacted by the owner of the business to get a job taken care of in a very quick time frame, as they were doing an entire building remodel and wanted to be open by a certain time this year. In order for any of the other teams working on this project to be able to start their work, we had to install our waterproofing systems first. More importantly, the work we performed needed to be done quickly as the area is going to be used for a meat locker and any and all water or moisture needed to be removed before they could start using it for storage.

We ended up installing FlowGuard which runs around the perimeter to our sump pump, as well as CleanSpace in order to mitigate any water that would penetrate the building. By installing these systems we will be able to collect any water that makes its way in and divert it to the sump pump and ultimately out of the building

During the digging process our foreman noticed that a white slurry was coming into the building and for a while could not figure out what it was. Upon further researched he realized it was watered down paint that was coming in from the painters outside power washing the building to paint it. From this occurrence, we know that they will greatly benefit from the installation of FlowGuard, CleanSpace, and our sump pump system to keep their meat locker water-free. 


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