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Installing A Dual System With DryTrak In a Wet Basement - Bloomingburg, NY

This homeowner contacted us to see what could be done to remedy the water problem they were having in there basement. Our Design Specialist came out to assess what was wrong with their home. In the process of assessing their home, he found out they had a monolithic foundation. He was able to determine this by seeing that there was a full exposed block where the floor and wall meet, this indicated to him that the floor was poured first and then the wall was built on top of it, which is not a traditional way to build a home. The traditional way to construct a home is to pour the footing, then the wall and lastly pour the floor. A home is traditionally built this way as the footing is the most important part of the home. Due to this if a traditional waterproofing system was to be installed the structural integrity of the home would be compromised, as a third of the footing would be removed. Due to this home having a monolithic foundation we needed to install our patented Dual System with DryTrak.


In this situation, we needed to install our Dual System to stop water from coming in at the floor joints, floor cracks and to alleviate water from coming up under the floor due to hydrostatic pressure. In order to install our Dual System with DryTrak, we had to jackhammer one foot away from the wall, by doing this we can create a footing that does not compromise the structural integrity of the home. By doing this we can eliminate water coming up through the slab due to the creation of the path of least resistance, as well due to DryTrak water will be stopped at the wall-floor joint. In order to implement Drytrak with our Dual System, we needed to grind the wall-floor joint to allow for maximum adherence of epoxy. We then cleaned the surface to perfection, and then finally apply epoxy to the wall-floor joint to run DryTrak around the perimeter of the basement, by doing this we will be able to catch any water that penetrates their home and direct it to the sump pump. Get the specifics on choosing a basement waterproofing system that works with your unique situation during a consultation with Dale Giraudin’s Basement Systems of New York. We will assess your basement, identify any issues and create a plan that will give you the dry basement your family needs. Basement Systems of New York is your go-to contractor for any homes that have been built on a monolithic foundation.  give us a call today at 1-844-847-4769 to learn how we can help you keep your home dry year-round. 

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