Knocking Down And Rebuilding A Foundation Wall - Kiamesha Lake, NY

This home's foundation was in need of serious help. Their original foundation wall had multiple areas that contained stair-stepping cracks. These cracks in their wall made it start to bow and deflect inward. After putting this work off for years, they knew they needed to take care of the issue before their home fell over. Because of previous projects we had completed, these homeowners knew that Basement Systems Of New York was the company to take care of their issue.


To take of the issue, we first temporarily supported their home. Once this was accomplished, we saw cut their black top to start digging down approximately twelve feet to uncover the foundation. We then knocked down their old block foundation wall. Next, we strategically lowered cinder blocks and cement into our trench. By doing this, we had the essential materials needed in order to rebuild their foundation wall. Once done we removed our temporary supports and backfilled the area that we had disturbed with a rough grade.


Since completing their project, they have noticed that their floors don’t bounce, creek, items in their home are level again, and much more. Most importantly, they are now not worried that their home will fall over, and they can sleep easily at night. They are so glad they decided to invest in their home and protect it with a professional company.

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