Foundation Repair - Rebuilding & Waterproofing a Block Wall For Active Military Personnel - Salisbury Mills, NY

This homeowner recently purchased their new home. Because it was constructed with a poured concrete foundation and block walls, the walls began to bow. This led to the formation of stair-stepping cracks and the infiltration of both water and moisture. Because of the numerous projects that we have completed in the past, this homeowner decided to contact Basement Systems Of New York to see how we could help 


To take care of the issues at hand, we first had to install our temporary supports. After installing our temporary supports, we marked out and jackhammered our poured footings. Once done, we started to excavate. The excavation was done so that we could have access to knock down and rebuild the wall, as well as waterproof their foundation. Finally, once done, we knocked down their old block foundation wall.


Once done, we turned our attention to creating a form for our new footing. Our footing would be made of concrete and rebar. Specifically numbers four and five. Once done, we were able to start rebuilding the block wall. After completing the erection of the wall, we applied both our patented waterproofing products to keep all moisture and water out. As well as a parge to it to give it that brand new foundation look.


Next, we installed six of our SmartJack foundation supports on top of the footings we had previously created, formed, and poured. These SmartJacks would bear the weight of our new 2x12' quadruple main girder. Before packing up and calling this project complete we roughly backfilled the area that we had excavated.


After completing this project for these homeowners, they noticed a tremendous difference in their home's structural integrity. More importantly than anything to these homeowners peace of mind had been restored. They can now sleep at night knowing that their home will never fall over. They could not be happier with how their project turned out and are glad that they invested in their home.   

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